About the clinic

Gemma clinic is a specialized clinic for in vitro fertilization, reproductive health, gynecology and infertility treatment. We gather a team of top experts who have extensive work experience in domestic and international and national medical institutions. We offer you expertise, knowledge, excellent treatment conditions as well as help in preparation and recovery after all treatments.

About us

Gemma Clinic

Our team is fully committed in providing personalized health care and treatment. We are especially determined to offer help in overcoming the problems of infertility.

In the discreet environment of our private hospital, we guide you step-by-step thought the complete process, from the first conversation with our doctors to a concrete plan and the realization of our common goal.

Our Services

Please take a look at the list of our services , read about each one in more detail, and contact us for information on procedures, prices, documentation and other questions. We are available from 8am to 8pm.

In vitro fertilization

Medically assisted fertilization


Diagnostics and treatment


Detailed pregnancy management


Examinations, treatment & interventions

Meet our team

Zoran Stanković, MD


With 25 years of experience, he is one of the pioneers in the treatment of infertility with in vitro fertilization procedures. He acquired basic skills in the field of infertility treatment and assisted reproduction at the General Hospital in Maribor, and advanced in Brussels and Barcelona. He is the holder of the October Award of the City of Belgrade for scientific and research work.

Dragana Mićić, MD


Dragana Mićić, MD is gynecologist-obstetrician. She worked for many years in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at hospital „Dragiša Mišović“  as well as in hospital Euromedic in Belgrade.  Dragana is specialized in fertility investigation ant treatment, pregnancy care and pathology of uterine cervix. She is fluent in English and Serbian.

Vladimir Antić, MD


Vladimir Antić has been actively engaged in gynecological endoscopic surgery since 2004. He has participated in education and workshops around the world, authored books and chapters on emergency situations and minimally invasive surgery, and performed functions at the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics of KC Niš. He has also participated in international congresses and is a member of professional associations.


Accommodation and stay in the clinic

The clinic has six suites available for couples undergoing IVF. as well as for other patients. The apartments have all the necessary amenities for stay and recovery. Meals are adapted to help you recover after surgery or any other intervention.

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Assistance in financing IVF procedures in cooperation with the Serbian Fund of Health Insurance.

Gemma Clinic has signed contracts with the Republic Insurance Fund and the Military Insurance Fund on the cost covering of medical services for the treatment of infertility by biomedically assisted insemination procedures.

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