Doctors and members of the Gemma Clinic team


Dr. Milan Milenković is a doctor specializing in gynecology and obstetrics, a subspecialist in reproductive medicine and a doctor of medical sciences (topic “Freezing and transplantation of ovaries”, University of Gothenburg, Sweden). In his long international career, he worked, among other things, at the University Hospital “Sahlgrenska” in Gothenburg, the University Hospital “Karolinska” in Stockholm and the private clinic “Stockholm IVF”, where he was also the medical director. Since 2021, he has been a partner in the gynecology clinic “Goteborg” in Gothenburg. He is a member of the Swedish team for uterus transplantation, an international expert on fertility preservation in malignant diseases and a lecturer at international congresses. He speaks English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Milica Krstivojević


Milica Krstivojević is a graduate biologist-embryologist with over 20 years of experience in clinical embryology. She is currently in doctoral studies at the University of Kragujevac. Milica is a senior embryologist and inspector of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and one of the most experienced embryologists in the region.


Dr. Dragan Marinković is a specialist in anesthesiology since 1997. He worked at the “Zvezdara” Clinical Hospital Center in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics where he was the head of the department. He has extensive experience with anesthesia in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. He also worked at the Institute for Orthopedic “Banjica” in Belgrade. He speaks English.

Dragana Mićić, MD


Dragana Mićić, MD is gynecologist-obstetrician. She worked for many years in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at hospital „Dragiša Mišović“  as well as in hospital Euromedic in Belgrade.  Dragana is specialized in fertility investigation ant treatment, pregnancy care and pathology of uterine cervix. She is fluent in English and Serbian.

Aleksandar Raković, MD


Aleksandar Raković MD is a specialist in gynecology & obstetrics and he is an expert in women’s reproductive health. From examining the causes of infertility, through diagnosing irregular cycles, metabolic disorders (insulin resistance), endoscopic surgeries, to treating repeated spontaneous miscarriages, performing in vitro fertilization, as well as monitoring the entire course of pregnancy. After many years of work in IVF hospitals in Belgrade with a team of prominent experts and pioneers in Serbia, he trained in In Vitro Fertilization centers in Italy and Slovenia. He speaks English.

Slobodan Vasković


Slobodan Vasković is a graduate molecular biologist. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in molecular biology and physiology. He volunteered at GAK “Narodni Front” as an embryologist from September 2021 to January 2022. He speaks English.

Marija Rudaljević


Marija Rudaljević is a graduate molecular biologist with a master’s degree in embryology and a master’s degree in molecular biology. From 2020 to 2022, she worked as a medical representative at the company Bio Save.

Ljiljana Avramović


Head nurse Ljiljana Avramović is a gynecological-obstetrical nurse. She began her work experience in 1988 at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in the Clinical Center of Serbia, where she studied and worked together with the greatest experts and professors of the Faculty of Medicine and pioneers of IVF in Serbia. Since 1995, she has been continuing her work and professional training in private practice, where she has fully profiled herself as a member of the team for the treatment of sterility and in vitro fertilization procedures. In the rich work experience she gained as the head nurse of the operating block, she assisted in thousands of in vitro fertilization procedures, following the couples’ journey from the first consultation all the way to parenthood. He is a member of ESHRE, as well as other professional associations. She speaks English.

Marijana Tanasić


Marijana Tanasić is a professional nurse-midwife. She graduated from the High School of Health in Belgrade in 2013. After completing her studies, she volunteered and worked at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the “Clinical Center of Serbia” in Belgrade, where she gained experience working in the gynecology and perinatology departments as well as in the operating room. From 2018-2021. she worked in the gynecology and obstetrics practice Beogyn. She studied in Stockholm and published several professional paper. She speaks English.

Snežana Manojlović

Manager in healthcare

Snežana Manojlović is a manager in health care, and a senior professional nurse. She has many years of experience in organizational and clinical work. She worked as the head nurse of the Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases of the Military Medical Academy (VMA), and in the last few years she spent working on the organization of doctoral studies at the Medical Faculty of the University of Defense in Belgrade. Participated in the multinational operations of the United Nations in Africa. She speaks French and English.

Lidija Zečević


Lidija Zečević is a gynecology and obstetrics nurse. She graduated from the medical school “Belgrade”. She gained experience at the Institute for Mother and Child “Vukan Cupic”, after which she works in a private practice in the field of gynecology and IVF. From 2019-2021 worked at the Beogyn gynecology practice in Belgrade. Lidija also has a diploma in marketing management. She speaks English.

Tamara Batar


Tamara Batar is a gynecological-obstetrical nurse, graduated from the medical school “Belgrade”, after which she continues her education at the High School of Professional Studies in Belgrade. She worked at GAK “Narodni Front”, after which she trained in private practice in the field of gynecology and IVF. She speaks English.

Katarina Gazikalović

Manager in banking

Graduated from the Faculty of Economy and Banking “Janićije and Danica Karić” in 2007. She has many years of experience in finance, analysis, business statistics. Passed the Quality Management System exam according to ISO 9001:2008. She started her career as a financial-professional associate in one of the leading companies in the IT sector, GDi, which successfully deals with the development and implementation of software solutions in key areas of the economy. She continued her training as part of the financial management team in the internationally oriented environment of the academic institution Chartwell International School. She speaks English and Russian.

Aleksandar Galić

Technical support


Dr Jasna Mujagić Gazikalović


Mr Ph Nenad Gazikalović