Egg cell freezing is a method that helps woman preserves and prolongs their reproductive, that often declines with age. Egg freezing or Oocyte cryopreservation is a procedure that was first used in women that were treated with cytostatics and radiation-treatments. These treatments usually have a negative effect on ovarian function. Egg cell freezing is also called “social freezing” because the cells are frozen for career, education or some other “social” reasons.

It is best to freeze the eggs before the age of 36, because the percentage of successful pregnancies drops significantly if the cells are frozen after the age of 36. For example, the chance that a woman under 36 who has 15 frozen eggs will have offspring is 80%, while over 36 the chance is 40%.

The procedure: the ovaries are first stimulated with hormones. After ten days of stimulation, the oocytes are “aspirated” from the ovaries under ultrasound control and then frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius using the quick freezing-vitrification method.

​When a woman decides to get pregnant, the eggs are “thawed” and then fertilized with the partner’s or donor’s sperm.


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