Uterine sarcoma is a rare malignant condition in which malignant cells form in the muscles of the uterus or in other tissues surrounding the uterus.

Radiation of the pelvis is the biggest greatest risk factor for this condition.

It is diagnosed pathohistologically in 0.25% of patients after myoma surgery or removal of the uterus. It occurs very rarely in younger women.

The most common symptoms of uterine sarcoma are abnormal bleeding and pain:

  • bleeding beyond the menstrual cycle;
  • bleeding after menopause;
  • parts of tissue in the vagina;
  • pain or feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen;
  • frequent urination.

After a sarcoma is detected, additional tests are done to determine whether the cancer cells have spread to the uterus itself or to other parts of the body. It is treated surgically, but the treatment is individual.


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